K-State Libraries's Strategic Plan  includes goals and objectives intended to ensure good stewardship of our resources and collections. Specifically, the goals state that we will:

  • assess acquisitions and collections services to reallocate resources strategically
  • develop methodologies to better understand the usage of our collections in order to make informed decisions
  • ensure that digital products and technology investments are cost-effective

The move towards acquiring more e-resources during the last several years enables us to take advantage of newer tools that allow for better assessment of our collection use. New policies are in place that allow for continual evaluation of the collection and provide more flexibility for adding new resources or discontinuing those that are seldom used as the needs of our users change.


We intend to continue moving towards one format only for journals (preferably electronic), avoiding the costs of duplicate formats, binding, and processing. We also analyze Interlibrary Loan statistics to determine if specific heavily-requested titles could be substituted in some of the larger electronic packages for titles that were not being used.

New Subscriptions

New subscription decisions are based on requests and justifications from faculty members and/or content development librarians. New subscriptions will be included in the cycle for annual evaluation once they are established and enough data is collected to see whether their use warrants continuation (three year probationary period).

New requests for consideration can be made anytime through the Purchase Recommendation Form, the content development librarians, or the librarian with whom you routinely work. Subscriptions themselves may not start until the beginning of a fiscal or calendar year.

Serials Identified for Non-renewal

Please review these titles and provide any feedback to the appropriate librarian by the deadline.