Progress Report

December 2015 Highlights

By the Numbers


Percent of items at Hale were checked out by using the Self-checkout machine 


Class and Research Guides were developed and actively used


Items were retrieved from our collections for patrons who submitted requests via Get It

318 Meetings/Events hosted by Building Services with 98 after hours and on weekends

Documents were delivered from K-State’s collection through Interlibrary Services


Items lent by Interlibrary Services to aid researchers at other colleges and universities


Questions from students, faculty, staff and the public were answered by Hale Library Help student employees, staff and librarians


Items were borrowed by Interlibrary Services from other libraries to aid K-State faculty and students in their courses and research


Items were checked out, returned, or renewed at all of the K-State Libraries’ Manhattan campus libraries (Hale plus all branches, including the Veterinary Medical Library


Selected Accomplishments 

Coleman, Jason, Mallon, M. N., & Lo, L. (2015). “Recent changes to reference services in academic libraries and their relationship to perceived quality: Results of a national survey.” Journal of Library Administration. DOI: 10.1080/01930826.2015.1109879.

Dean Lori Goetsch, Mike Haddock, Volodymyr Chumachenko and Dave Allen hosted Marlin and Melinda Fitzwater in a visit to Special Collections to discuss progress and questions related to processing the Fitzwater collection. Goetsch, Haddock, Chumachenko and Allen were also in attendance at Bramlage Coliseum as Fitzwater received an honorary doctorate degree from K-State and presented the commencement address at the Graduate School graduation ceremony.

David Vail presented the keynote address at the North Central Weed Science Society meeting in Indianapolis.

Cliff Hight submitted a dictionary entry and participated in bi-weekly meetings of the Society of American Archivists Dictionary Working Group which is developing a Dictionary of Archives Terminology document.

Dave Allen corresponded with Gould Colman, son-in-law of Velma Carson, regarding his planned shipment of correspondence and other materials for inclusion in the Velma Carson Papers. Carson was a K-State alumna majoring in journalism from 1915-19, a reporter for many of the nation’s leading newspapers and magazine writer for the New Yorker, Harpers and Scribners. 

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Last updated: 02/12/2016