Progress Report

September 2014 Highlights

By the Numbers


Instruction sessions were held by Faculty and Graduate Student Services.


Items added to K-Rex.


Instruction sessions taught by Librarians and specialists in the Undergraduate and Community Services to 2,273 students. In September 2013, they taught 132 classes to 690 students.


Active LibGuides developed by librarians and staff.


Players participated in The Ghost Map Alternate Reality Game (ARG).


Events and meetings hosted by the Libraries, with 74 after hours or on weekends.


Questions answered by Faculty and Graduate Services.


Individuals visited The Math Physics Library, the highest number of visitors in September within one week.


Documents delivered by Interlibrary Services to other libraries from K-State Libraries' collection.


Items from K-State Libraries’ collection lent through Interlibrary Services to aid researchers at other colleges and universities.


Items borrowed from other libraries through Interlibrary Services.


Questions from students, faculty, staff and the public answered by Hale Library Help Desk student employees, staff, and librarians.


Full-text downloads from New Prairie Press journals.


Views of active LibGuides developed by librarians and staff.


Items were checked out, returned, or renewed at all of the K-State Libraries’ Manhattan campus libraries (Hale plus all branches, including the Veterinary Medical Library). This was a decrease of 1714 items from September 2013.

124,285 Individuals came into Hale Library in through the 2nd floor public entrance gates. This is 2,420 more patrons than were recorded for September 2013.

Selected Accomplishments 

Casey D. Hoeve, Ellen R. Urton, and Thomas W. Bell published “Management of Content Development and Subject Engagement through an Arts Matrix Model: A Case Study” in Anne Woodsworth, W. David Penniman (ed.) Management and Leadership Innovations (Advances in Librarianship, Volume 38), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2014, pp.177-210.

Adriana Gonzalez, Sara K. Kearns, and Darchelle Martin conducted interviews for the Libraries’ Student Ambassadors. A recruitment team comprised of Ambassadors Shaun Finn, Hillary Williams, and Som Kandlur also participated in the interviews, with assistance from Alexis Tucker and Abby Kopp.  Eleven new Ambassadors joined 17 returning Ambassadors.

Dan Ireton coordinated events for the Banned Books Week with members of the English department, including Library Help student employee Dillon Rockrohr who is president of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honorary Society. 

Cindy Logan was honored at the Women of Distinction Ceremony, hosted by Kansas State Advancement of Women in Science & Engineering and Women of K-State, for receiving tenure and promotion.

The Libraries’ Campus Close-Up feature in the fall K-Stater magazine, “Not Your Father’s Librarians,” was written by Sarah McGreer Hoyt.

Adriana Gonzalez was unanimously elected to serve as Chair of the University’s Honor Council. Jane Schillie was appointed to the council.

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Last updated: 11/19/2014