Progress Report

August 2015 Highlights

By the Numbers


Classes taught by librarians such as Designing Supportive Environments, Criminal Justice System, Laboratory Techniques in Teaching Science andAdvanced Human Resources Management


Reference questions were answered by Faculty and Graduate Services librarians


Class and Research Guides were developed and actively used


Meetings/events hosted by Building Services, with 36 after hours and on weekends

529 Documents were delivered from K-State’s collection through Interlibrary Services

Items lent by Interlibrary Services to aid researchers at other colleges


Items were borrowed by Interlibrary Services from other libraries to aid K-State faculty and students in their research


Questions from students, faculty, staff, and the public were answered by Hale Library Help student employees, staff, and librarians


Payment of article processing charges was approved for 2 faculty through the K-State Open Access Publishing Fund 


Views of Class and Research Guides 


Items were checked out, returned, or renewed at all of the K-State Libraries’ Manhattan campus libraries (Hale plus all branches, including the Veterinary Medical Library


Final payments made to 10 faculty for completion of their Open/Alternative Textbooks 


Individuals came into Hale Library through the 2nd floor public entrance gates 


Selected Accomplishments 

Mike Haddock assisted Kansas State University Gardens’ personnel in the identification of species in the Adaptive/Native Plant Garden.

Joelle Pits, Dan Ireton, and Ben Ward published Beyond the book: teaching transliteracy through transmedia storytelling in LOEX Quarterly 41(3), 4-10.

Roger Adams worked with the Beach Museum on the loan of a special edition of The Grapes of Wrath (1940) for an exhibit on Thomas Hart Benton.

Daryl Youngman traveled to Topeka to meet with representatives of the First Nations Women Warriors, a group of Native American women veterans.

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Last updated: 10/02/2015