hobrock award 

2017 Winner

Tara Coleman, Web Services Librarian, is the recipient of the the 2017 Brice G. Hobrock Distinguished Faculty Award. Ms. Coleman received her master's degree in library and information science from the University of Oklahoma. She leads the coordination, organization, maintenance, and assessment of K-State Libraries' website. She has made several significant contributions to K-State First, the university's First Year Experience program. These contributions include chairing the K-State Book Network and co-authoring the K-State First Guide to College Student Success.

One of her nominators said, "Tara works diligently to make K-State Libraries a user-oriented resource that supports the teaching and research needs of the university. Over the years, I have observed her dedication, the seriousness with which she performs her responsibilities, the long hours that she devotes and the genuine care that she has for our users."

2016 Winner

Jason Coleman

Jason Coleman, academic services librarian, received the Brice G. Hobrock Distinguished Faculty Award. He received his master's degree in library science from Emporia State University, provides research support for the social sciences, as well as virtual reference and undergraduate research support. He is extensively involved with the Reference and User Services Association, a section of the American Libraries Association.

One of his nominators said, "Jason is the most passionate and dedicated librarian I have ever known, and we are truly fortunate that he is part of the K-State Libraries faculty. He consistently goes the extra mile in providing resources for our students, both online and in the classroom."

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