Picture of the Konza Prairie

Our Mission

K-State Libraries are a partner in The Prairie Studies Initiative's aim to strengthen dialogue and inspire creative scholarship among those engaged in understanding the natural ecosystems, history, culture, and livelihoods of the prairie, and to employ the arts to make this research meaningful to a wide public.


The Initiative organizes both professional and public events that pair leaders in the arts with leaders in natural and social sciences and the humanities to stimulate communication and creative research among scholars. On the part of the public, the Initiative fosters greater understanding of complex issues central to the health of the prairie.


The Prairie Studies Initiative aspires to catalyze diverse modes of inquiry and cross-disciplinary perspectives in place-based research by faculty, staff, and students at K-State. Through actively engaging the arts with science, the Initiative aims to reveal both shared modes of inquiry and the value of the differences that shape these perspectives.


K-State Libraries' Saylor Prairie Ecology Endowment supports the purchase of library materials related to prairie studies. Recommendations for items that might be purchased through this endowment should be sent to Content Development Librarian Jo Crawford at jocraw@k-state.edu.