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Open/Alternative Resource

About the initiative

The high cost of commercial print textbooks is a major concern for Kansas State University, students, and their parents. The initiative’s goal is to encourage the adoption and/or development of cost saving texts for students while improving the quality of the learning process. Through the initiative, faculty can receive a stipend up to $5,000 to develop or adopt an alternate to a traditional textbook.

The funds can be given to either an individual faculty member or a team of faculty teaching multiple sections of the same course. A proposed project may include:

  • The use or adaptation of an existing open access textbook (see Resources to Find Open Textbooks)
  • Library resources, high quality open educational resources (OER), media, and/or faculty-authored materials

Contact Us

For more information, contact:

  • Dr. Andy Bennett, Department of Mathematics | (785) 532-0562 |
  • Dr. Brian Lindshield, Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Health | (785) 532-7848 |
  • Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship | (785) 532-7444 |

Drs. Andy Bennett and Brian Lindshield have successfully developed and implemented open textbooks. Dr. Bennett's Elementary Differential Equations textbook features algorithms that create problem sets for students to practice. Dr. Lindshield's Kansas State University Human Nutrition (FNDH 400) Flexbook was a finalist for the 2012 People's Choice Award for the Most Open Resource.