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Where do I find my Open/Alternative Resource?

Most faculty will explain how or where to access your open or alternative resource within the course syllabus. It may even be directly embedded into K-State Online.  If you have any questions about your open/alternative resource, please contact your instructor.

Does my class include an Open/Alternative Textbook resource?

Look for the open/alternative textbook icon (above) in the course line schedule or when enrolling for courses in KSIS.

How will this impact my student fees?

The university is including a $10 fee per student for courses using approved open/alternative resources. For approved courses, the fee will be divided between the supporting department (90%) and the initiative (10%). The fee encourages faculty to create and provide a quality and affordable alternative to a textbook, while providing stable funding so the Initiative can support faculty in the implementation process.

How is Open/Alternative Textbook different than “open access”?

The initiative provides K-State specific content to students at the university. “Open access” encompasses a much larger umbrella by providing free or low cost materials, including textbooks and other resources, globally to scholars regardless of their institution.