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What is Open/Alternative Textbook?

Some courses on campus use digital texts and/or other learning resources as an alternative tool to the traditional textbook. These materials, created, adapted, and/or adopted by faculty with support from Kansas State University’s Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative, help students with costs of textbook purchases and rentals by adopting free or low-cost online class materials.

How is Open/Alternative Textbook different than “open access”?

The initiative provides K-State specific content to scholars within the university, whereas “open access” encompasses a much larger umbrella. Open access provides free or low cost materials, including peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and other scripts, globally to scholars regardless of their institution.

How will this impact my student fees?

The university is including a $10 fee per student for courses using approved open/alternative resources. For approved courses, the fee collected will be divided between the supporting department (90%) and the initiative (10%). The purpose of the fee is to encourage faculty adoption/adaption/creation, enticing faculty and departments to adopt/retain the resources, and provide some stable funding for the Initiative, which awards faculty members to convert current courses using textbooks to open access textbook resources.

Does my class include an Open/Alternative Textbook resource?

Look for the open/alternative textbook icon above in the course line schedule or when enrolling for courses in KSIS.