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The following databases, print and electronic journals have been identified for non-renewal in the coming year. We identified these items by analyzing usage statistics, cost of subscription and yearly increases, cost-per-use, and use in curriculum or ongoing research programs.

Please note that although some subscriptions will not be renewed, the content from many journal titles will still be available through one of our full-text databases such as ProQuest Research Library  or Academic Search Premier. Items to which we no longer have access can be requested through interlibrary loan.


The Leisure Reading Collection - August 12, 2016


Download the Databases Identified for Non-renewal list (04-25-2016)


Fall 2016

Download the Journals Identified for Non-renewal list (09-07-2016)

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Summer 2016

Download the Journals Identified for Non-renewal list (05-27-2016)

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