Support Staff of the Year Award

Previous Winners

2016 - Duncan Robak

Duncan Robak, Library Assistant III, is the 2016 Support Staff of the Year Award winner. According to his nominator, “Duncan provides terrific customer service for both patrons and internal Libraries Staff. I have received several positive comments from Interlibrary Services and Library User Services concerning his uncanny ability to locate hard-to-find items. Duncan has strong organization skills, and is always professional.”

2015 - Dennis Ryan

Dennis Ryan, Annex Collection Coordinator, was instrumental during the move of the KU Annex materials to the new K-State Annex. His dedication to working all facets of the project and seeing out answers from the training staff were evident as he quickly became a leader in the process. While much of his work is unseen. The impact of his contribution to processing materials into the Annex and freeing up public space Hale cannot be overstated.


2016: Duncan Robak
2015: Dennis Ryan
2014: Felisa Osburn
2013: Cindy Von Elling
2012: Katie Sigman
2011: Kathy Coleman
2010: Lynn Feldhausen
2009: Robin Brown
2008: Maxine Ganske
2007: Kathryn Talbot
2006: Janet Duncan
2005: Asha Muthurkrishnan
2004: Jody Crocker

2003: Janice Barrons
2002: Charles Warnica
2001: Pat Patton
2000: Julie Goings
1999: Pramila Tummala & Mary Bailey
1998: Carolyn Hodgson
1997: Lisa Loberg
1996: Cathy Lindquist
1995: Kathleen Wisneski & Linda Page
1994: Renee Gates
1993: Cindy Logan

1992: Kathy Fronce
1991: Brenda Evans
1990: Kathleen Wisneski
1989: Linda Tanner
1988: Barbara O'Neill
1987: Shirley Serrault
1986: Charlene Redman
1985: Susan Wurtz
1984: Brenda Evans
1983: Pat Weisenburger