Hale of a time event

About the Event

In 2017, the Friends of the K-State Libraries held a brand new celebration, Hale of a Time! Guests moved from floor to floor in Hale Library to enjoy unique food and drinks at stations that represented our past, present and future. Entertainment included a virtual reality tour of our first floor modernization plan, a live performance by Wayne Goins and Susan Hancock and more. This delicious, eclectic event was a night for the books!

Event photos

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Great Room lit in purple


Gala Attendees

Wayne Goins playing guitar

Gala attendees




2017 Gala Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support.

Jerry & Barbara Boettcher
David & Jana Fallin
Lori Goetsch & Marty Courtois
Joann Goldstein
K-State Athletics
Dick and Janet* Rees
The Trust Company Mark & Ann Knackendoffel
Bruce & Megan Weber

Mike & Toni Haddock
K-State Alumni Association


Dan & Beth Bird
Burnett Automotive
John & Lynn Carlin
Mary Cottom
Howard & Ann Erickson
Larry & Laurel Erickson
Jon Faubion & Solveig Brant
Marlin & Melinda Fitzwater
Kent Glasscock
Gary & Carolyn Haden
Clay Harvey & Patty McGivern
Dennis Hemmendinger & Sue Maes
Steve & Annette Huff
Ken & Judy Hughey
Carl & Mary Ice
Pat & Rita Keating
Lowell & Stacy Kohlmeier
Steve Lee & Nancy Raleigh
Library Discount Liquor Store
April Mason & Frank Heiliger
Meadowlark Hills Foundation
Bill & Sharon Snyder
Ron & Karolyn Tacha
Don & Jan Wissman

Art Craft Printers & Design
Susan Adamchak
Richard & Shirley Baker
Tim & Anne de Noble
Art DeGroat
Linda Duke
Joleen Hill
Brice & Shirley Hobrock
Julie Hostetler
Karen Hummel
Katie Philp
Paul & Pyong Seib