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Library materials that are especially important resources for students in a class may be put on reserve at a library help desk so that all students may have access to them. Be sure to check the policies below for detailed information. Instructors are responsible for putting items on reserve for their classes.

Finding Items on Reserve

Finding Reserves items is easy. You can call us, stop by a help desk, or look in Search It to see if the item you’re looking for is on reserve. Then, bring your K-State ID and course information to a library help desk at any library to check out Reserves material.

You can always Ask a Librarian or check the FAQs if you have a question about Reserves.

Loan Periods for Reserves

Loan periods for Reserves vary, but you will always be told when you check out Reserves material how long you can have it. Please note that all Reserves items are nonrenewable regardless of the loan period.

Type of reserves Overdue fine
2 hour closed (cannot leave the building) $2 per hour
1 day $5 per day
3 days $5 per day
1 week $5 per day
2 weeks $5 per day

Because we want to ensure the greatest number of students have access to Reserves items, due dates and times are strictly enforced.

Important note - Patrons with overdue or lost reserve items will be unable to check out new materials again until their overdue or lost items are returned. 

Placing Items on Reserve

Instructors may add items to or remove items from Reserves via online forms or by visiting any library help desk. Longer lists of materials can be emailed, for Hale Reserves email or branch reserves can be emailed to the branch library.

For help adding reserve items to K-State Online contact Hale Library Reserves. For help setting up a course on K-State Online please call the IT Help Desk (785) 532-7722.