Past Recipients of the Morse Family and Community Public Policy Scholarship

The following is a list of the Morse Scholarship recipients along with the titles of their projects. Copies of interns' written reports submitted to the Consumer Movement Archives are available for review in the Morse Department of Special Collections.

2015 Recipient

Garrett Wilkinson, 2015 Morse Scholarship



Garrett Wilkinson (left)

Microbiology, Nutritional Science, and Gerontology

"The Morse Scholarship allowed me to travel to Narayanpur, Nepal with the Open World Cause, a non-profit organization that works to establish cross-cultural partnerships and extend educational opportunities to students around the world. In Narayanpur, our team was able to collect media documentation of a new school, distribute technology to the school's teachers, issue demographic questionnaires, distribute water filters to students' families, and collect assessment data from previous classes of students under the school's teachers in other areas of Nepal. Summer projects like this are hard for most students to pursue, as they both cost money and don't allow for working a summer job. The Morse Scholarship made it possible for me to pursue what I am passionate about without any worry for my financial capabilities during the upcoming semester."
Last updated: 11/11/2015