The Marjorie J. and Richard L. D. Morse Family and Community Public Policy Scholarship

The Marjorie J. and Richard L. D. Morse Family and Community Public Policy Scholarship provides funds for a K-State undergraduate student to work on a project that impacts public policy and involves community service. The scholarship is made possible through an endowment established by Marjorie J. and Richard L. D. Morse.


The scholarship is awarded to support an undergraduate student’s project that involves community service and has the potential to impact public policy. An internship with a public agency, community organization, education institution, or other policy or community-based entity should be part of the scholarship experience and must be secured prior to submitting an application.

The proposed outcome of the project or internship must benefit an organization, group of people within the community, or an educational program. The final outcome does not have to occur during the three-month scholarship period (e.g., publication of article prepared during the internship), nor does the project have to be implemented as proposed; however, the application must demonstrate the project's potential for success.

The recipient must prepare a final report for the K-State Libraries that provides an overview of the project goals, overall experience, and outcomes of the recipient’s internship, along with documentation that was created during the internship.

The winning project will be added to the K-State Research Exchange (K-REx).

Application Requirements

Applications should consist of the following documents:

  • Resume
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor with expertise and a shared interest in supporting the project
  • Letter of application explaining
    • Your intended career path
    • Why you are interested in the development of public policy
    • The experience you hope to gain as a result of this scholarship
  • Project outline including
    • Statement of project goals
    • Detailed plan for meeting project goals
    • Letter of support from your internship sponsor

Review Process

A committee of K-State faculty members reviews the applications and selects the recipient based on the quality of the submission.


A $3,000 scholarship is awarded annually to any undergraduate student enrolled at Kansas State University. The scholarship is awarded in three installments over the summer and is deposited in the student's financial account with K-State as follows:

  • $1,000 when the scholarship is granted
  • $1,000 approximately halfway through the summer, after the recipient has demonstrated substantial progress on the project
  • $1,000 upon completion


Email applications to or mail to

       Lori GoetschDean of Libraries
       504 Hale Library 
       Kansas State University
       1117 Mid-Campus Drive North
       Manhattan, KS 66506-1200

Last updated: 07/18/2015