Library Policies

General Disclaimer: We abide by all state and federal laws and the policies in Kansas State University's Policies and Procedures Manual.

Building access

Food and drink

Public Address (PA) System

Confidentiality of patron records

Gifts and donations

Public computer use

Electronic resources

Government Collections

Quiet study

Faculty, Proxy Services

Graduate study rooms

Room reservations

Faculty, Visiting

Instant Messaging/
Text Messaging Privacy Policy

Special Collections

Filming and photography

Loss of library privileges


Fines, fees, and refunds

Lost and found


Building Access

K-State faculty, staff, students and the public are welcome to visit any library during open hours.

Confidentiality of patron records

Patron registration and circulation records are exempt from the Open Records Law (K.S.A. 45-221 (23)). All outside inquiries regarding access to patron records will be referred to the Office of the University Attorney. Records will only be released upon receipt of a valid court order or subpoena authorized under federal, state, or local law. 

Electronic resources

Downloading and printing reasonable portions of licensed materials is allowed and encouraged.

Faculty Proxy Services

K-State faculty members may authorize a currently enrolled student or currently employed K-State staff member to borrow library materials for them.

Filming and photography 

Contact our Director of Administrative & IT Services before filming or photographing in the library.

Fines, fees, and refunds

Some materials accrue overdue fines if you do not return them by the due date. We cannot issue refunds for lost material after 6 months have elapsed since the fees have been paid. 

Food and Drink 

Yes, but please be mindful of crumbs and spills.  

Gifts and donations

With some exceptions, your gifts and donations on materials will be accepted.  

Government Collections

K-State Libraries provides access to U.S. government information to the general public without charge.

Graduate Study Rooms

Shared graduate study space is located in rooms 306 and 309 of Hale Library and is available for any enrolled graduate student. 

Instant Messaging and Text Messaging Privacy Policy

After identifying information is removed, the transcripts are saved for statistical and content analyses.

Loss of library privileges

Your library privileges, checking out materials and the use of interlibrary loan, will be suspended if your items have been declared lost.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located at Library Help on the 2nd floor of Hale Library.  

Public computer use

Use of the public computers in Hale Library is governed by Section 3400 Computing and Information Technology of Kansas State University's Policies and Procedures Manual. Members of the public are welcome to use the computers inside Hale Libraries. However, we are unable to offer printing for the public from these computers.

Public Address System

We do not page individuals with our public address system unless directed to do so by K-State Police.

Quiet Study

The third floor of Hale Library is designated as quiet study space

Room Reservations

Hale Library has rooms available for patrons to reserve. 

Special Collections

Procedures are designed to assure the proper handling of materials in order to preserve them for future generations. 

Visiting Faculty

K-State Libraries provides borrowing privileges to visiting faculty, researchers, and scholars.


Last updated: 03/13/2014