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21st century academic libraries are so much more than a collection of books. K-State Libraries staff work to enhance teaching and learning through physical and digital learning environments. Our staff collaborate with instructors to create meaningful learning experiences which support course learning outcomes and the K-State Vision 2025 expectations for student research. 

What We Offer

We provide instruction for all course levels and types, including undergraduate and graduate courses, and distance or hybrid courses. You can request customized instruction for your class or research assignment in a variety of formats:

  • Face to face undergradtuate and graduate-level instruction sessions in the library or in your classroom

  • Online instruction modules or research guides

  • Step by step tutorials designed to walk learners through a particular aspect of the research process

  • Synchronous or asynchronous Wimba webinars for distance courses

  • Librarian embedded into your K-State Online course in order to provide instruction materials and answer questions in a familiar environment

How to Collaborate with Us

  • Request a library class or tour using the instruction menu
  • Request an online research guide, module, or tutorial via email

  • Contact a librarian in your subject area

  • Embed a librarian in your K-State Online course using the Librarian role