A Brief History of K-State Libraries

Hale Library History


K-StAnderson Hallate Libraries are born when Kansas State Agricultural College (KSAC) inherits Bluemont Central College's 2,700 volume collection 1863      

Professor M.L. War moves 1,225 volumes to Farm Machinery Hall for easier access to KSAC 

K-State Libraries moves into a first floor room in the northeast corner of newly-built Anderson Hall 1879      
      1886  The library devises its first conprehensive card catalog 
KSAC President John A. Anderson designates the library a depository for public documents 1889      
      1891 Collection contains approximately 10,000 publications
Kansas legislature appropriates $60,000 for the construction of a library and agricultural science hall 1893      
      1894 The library moves to the new building, named Fairchild Hall in 1902. The library's need for more space was met by additions and acquisitions for some years. 

The collection is converted to the Dewey classification system


      1897 The library begins holding books on reserve for classes
The library begins offering instruction on how to use the library after KSAC faculty vote that sophomores should take a course in how to use the library 1903       
      1926 On June 2nd, the cornerstone is laid on a spacious new, fireproof library
The library opens in its new building with 85,450 books and 750 serials in the collection 1927      
      1928 A ceremony dedicating the new library, what we call the Great Room today, is held on January 10th, and includes an address by President Francis D. Farrell 

An addition of stacks extending south from the original library is open for use, housing portions of the 590,000-volume collection
      1955 A dedication cermony is held on October 5th, and the entire building is named Farrell Library in honor of Francis D. Farrel, Dean of Agriculture, 1918-1925, and President, 1925-1944
Another addition to Farrell Library is constructed 1970      
      1975 K-State Libraries completes its ten-year project to convert to the Library of Congress classification system
Major reorganizing project occurs to make the library more functional for users and efficient for housing research collections 1983      
      1986 K-State Libraries celebrates the addition of the millionth volume to the holdings
Remodeling projects occur to create better shelving and storage conditions for collections and to utilize space more efficiently 1986-87      
      1997 Hale LibraryHale Library is dedicated in honor of Joe and Joyce Hale, whose financial support played a key role in making the addition possible
Last updated: 09/10/2013