Librarian Role in K-State Online

Add a librarian to your K-State Online course using the "Librarian" role, to embed research materials, provide instruction, or participate in research assignment discussions. 

The Librarian role is similar to the Secondary Instructor role and has the following capabilities in your K-State Online Course:

  • Can configure and administer course
  • Can view roster
  • Can email students and post memos
  • Can participate in and observe Message Board
  • Can participate in Calendar
  • Can view and participate in Groups
  • Can participate in Chatroom and Whiteboard
  • Can present in Wimba

The Librarian role can not:

  • Delete your course
  • Add students or instructors to the roster
  • Add sections
  • Administer attendance
  • Access, view or edit the Gradebook
  • Moderate a Message Board or Calendar
  • Administer Groups or Chatrooms

In short, this role was created to allow for meaningful, integrated research collaboration at the point of need, while maintaing student privacy and limiting administration capabilities

Contact a librarian in your subject area to learn more about this type of collaboration.

Last updated: 08/01/2013