Kirmser Undergraduate Research Award

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K-State Libraries are committed to K-State 2025: A Visionary Plan for Kansas State University, and to helping undergraduate students learn to effectively find, evaluate, and use information. A key benchmark for K-State 2025 is the percentage of undergraduate students involved in research. This award was created to support undergraduate research and encourage use of library resources.


The Kirmser Undergraduate Research Award recognizes and promotes outstanding scholarship among K-State's undergraduate students. Awards are given to winners in the freshman individual, non-freshman individual, and group project categories. The grand prize for each of the individual categories is $1,000. The grand prize for the group project category will be a minimum of $2,000 and will be based on the size of the winning group.

Research projects must have been completed as a requirement for a K-State course. They may encompass any academic topic. Applications are evaluated based on the use of library resources.

Award Cycle

The current award cycle runs from April 26, 2014 - April 25, 2015. All projects must be finished during that time period.

The awards are funded from a gift provided by Phillip and Jeune Kirmser to K-State Libraries. We are deeply grateful for their generous support of undergraduate research.

Last updated: 03/13/2015