New Resources

Last year's evaluation process and continued efforts to find cost efficiencies allowed us to add the following titles to our collection. (E-journal unless otherwise noted).

2014 subscriptions or packages

(E-resources unless otherwise noted)

Individual Journal Titles

  • Journal of Continuing Higher Education 

Digital Collections/Archives/Backfiles

  • American Chemical Society Symposium Series (2014-2017)
  • IEEE Vision for Smart Grid Research
  • IEEE-Wiley eBooks 2012 and 2013 backfiles (confirming receipt of complete list)
  • IEEE-Wiley eBooks 2014 Front List (not all received to date)
  • Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Library (10 ebook option)

Online Databases/Reference

  • Cochrane Library
  • TAIR: the Arabidopsis information resource
  • World Shakespeare Bibliography

Print Additions

  • Journal of Military History
  • Special Educator
  • Competitions Magazine
  • History of Al Tabari (series name)

Audio Visual Resources/Tools

  • Various DVDs to replace VHS versions or to fill gaps in the AFI top100 film series
Last updated: 07/21/2015