Government Documents

K-State Libraries provide free, public access to U.S. government information and resources, as well as assistance in the location and use of those resources. 

General Access  ADA Accommodations

Research Assistance Services

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Tangible Collections  Circulation of Government Information Resources
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General Access Policies

  • K-State Libraries provide the general public with access to U.S. government information without charge.
  • Access to depository collections for distance users is provided through the usual interlibrary loan process.
  • K-State Libraries depository library resources are selected to meet the information needs of K-State faculty, students, staff, and the general public.
  • Depository library collections are housed so that they are easily retrievable and are maintained in good condition.
  • K-State Libraries provide equipment sufficient to meet user needs, including the ability to view, download, copy, and print relevant depository library resources.
  • Access to tangible and electronic depository library resources is provided via the online catalog, dedicated webpages, and other specialized finding aids. Remote access to purchased databases and digital products is restricted to K-State faculty, students, and staff.
  • Access to depository library information and services will be maintained despite any prospective disruptions in normal library operations (e.g. renovations, collection relocations, etc.).

Research Assistance Services

  • Research assistance services to members of the general public using the depository library resources is comparable to that provided to K-State faculty, students, and staff. 
  • Research assistance is available to depository library users during Hale Library’s posted service hours. Specialized assistance is available Monday-Friday, 8:00am -5:00pm, and basic assistance is available from the Help Desk, located on the 2nd floor of Hale Library. Research assistance outside of normal hours may be rendered either by email or by appointment. 
  • Staff is sufficiently trained to provide assistance in the use of government information in all formats.

Tangible Collections

  • Access to tangible depository library resources is available without charge to the general public during K-State Libraries’ posted service hours.
  • Print and microform depository library materials housed in Hale Library are readily accessible to the general public during the library’s posted service hours. Microform reading and printing equipment is available for public use. Printing and photocopying charges for the public are consistent with fees charged to K-State faculty, students, and staff.
  • Depository library material in CD-ROM format is available upon request at the 2nd floor Help Desk, and workstations are available for accessing this format. Staff will assist in loading the CD-ROM, but may not be able to provide technical assistance in using the resource. If a greater level of technical assistance is needed, the CD-ROM item(s) may be checked out by the patron either via the ILS (Integrated Library System) or from the 2nd floor circulation desk when the user is affiliated with K-State University.
  • Print depository library material currently housed in the Annex storage area will be retrieved on demand within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Electronic Resources

  • The public’s access to government information via the Internet is consistent with access provided to K-State faculty, students, and staff. A sufficient number of workstations are available to serve both campus and depository library users efficiently and effectively.  
  • Internet access to government information is provided at no cost to the general public. Access includes the capability to download, print, and/or transmit electronic data.
  • K-State Libraries provides free, unrestricted Internet searching from its public workstations.
  • Printing and downloading charges for the public are consistent with fees charged to K-State faculty, students, and staff.

ADA Accomodations

  • The space and arrangement of the depository library collection and service points comply with standards for accessibility (see Americans with Disabilities Act). Space for depository library collections and services are comparable in quality to other collections and public service areas of Hale Library.
  • Accessible parking for Hale Library is in lot A6 (across the street east of the library).
  • Workstations throughout the InfoCommons can accommodate patrons using wheelchairs. All public computers are equipped with ZoomText to magnify text on the screen. 
  • Microform reader/printers and scanners have special lenses available for greater magnification.  Patrons should inquire at the Help Desk to request a larger lens. 
  • Specialized technology for viewing print and digital material is available in the Media Development Center, Hale Library Room 213.

User Referrals to Other Libraries

  • Depository library users will be referred to other depository libraries when the K-State Libraries’ collections or staff expertise is unable to meet the user’s needs.
  • Library Help Desk staff are familiar with library resources, neighboring depository libraries’ strengths, and finding aids for referrals.

Circulation of Government Information Resources

  • Circulation and interlibrary loan policies for the depository library collection are the same as those for the K-State Libraries’ general collections.


  • The depository emblem is displayed on one door of each entrance to Hale Library.
  • Cataloging protocols provide the same levels of discoverability to depository library collections via the online catalog as to the K-State Libraries’ general collections.
  • The depository library coordinator will develop and maintain webpages to publicize government resources in general and the K-State Libraries’ collections and services in particular. 
  • K-State Libraries’ staff promotes depository library collections and services to both the University and the public.