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2014 Gala Sponsors

Academic All American Team ($2,500 and up)

Lee Borck and Jackie Hartman Borck

Steve Shields/Action Pact

Bruce and Megan Weber

Academic All Bit 12 First Team ($1,000 and up)

Lori Goetsch and Martin Courtois

Mary and Carl Ice

K-State Athletics

The Library in Aggieville

Munson Prime

The Trust Company/Mark & Ann Knackendoffel


Ward & Brenda Morgan

Marty Vanier and Bob Krause


Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll ($800 and up)

Jana and David Fallin

Clay Harvey and Patty McGivern

Academic All Big 12 Second Team ($400 and up)

Randall and Elaine Anderes

Art Craft Printers & Design

Richard and Shirley Baker

Dan and Beth Bird

Jerry and Barbara Boettcher

Bowman Bowman Novick

Sandra Chastan

Terry and Tara Cupps

Tim and Anne de Noble

Larry and Laurel Erickson

L T and Eva Fan




Jon Faubion and Solveig Brant

Lisa Hale and Jeff Butts

KSU Foundation

Kent Glasscock

Richard and Peggy Goe

Gary and Carolyn Haden

Brice and Shirley Hobrock

Clyde and Midge Jones

Pat and Rita Keating

K-State Alumni Association

Steve Lee and Nancy Raleigh

Jon and Lila Levin



Steve and Lori Levin

Debbie Nuss and Brad Fenwick

John and Karen Pence

Ralph and Bev Richardson

Steve and Whitney Short

Bill and Sharon Snyder

Ron and Karolyn Tacha

John W. and Lynn Carlin

Larry and Kay Weigel

Frederick Willich

Jan and Don Wissman




Honorable Mention ($200 and up)

Kathy Borck

Mary Cottom

Joann Goldstein

Dick and Barbara Hayter

Joleen Hill

Ken and Judy Hughey

Lowell and Stacy Kohlmeier

Jerry Pettle and Katie Philp

John and Cheryl Walters

Betsy and John Young


Hale Library Concert Series: 2013 - 2014

The Friends of the K-State Libraries Concert Series is a cultural outreach program that would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

Sponsorships are available by contacting Melissa Geisler at (785) 532-7522 or


Sponsor Levels and Benefits 

$125 Sponsorship -

includes one ticket to each concert

$250 Sponsorship -

includes two tickets to each concert

$500 Sponsorship - includes four tickets to each of the three concerts


Hale Library Concert Series 2013-2014 Sponsors

Dan & Beth Bird

Marion Boydston   

Mary Cottom

Lincoln Deihl

Bob Edwards

Jon Faubion & Solveig Brant   

Joleen Hill   

Meadowlark Hills

Jean Hulbert   

Margo Kren 

Bob & Jan Kruh 

Ben and Marion  Kyle 

Tim & Anne de Noble  

Eugene Laughlin and Verlin Richards

Steve Lee and Nancy Raleigh

Faith Roach

Bill & Sharon  Snyder   

Ron & Karolyn Tacha   

Mary Ellen and Ralph Titus

Don and Jan Wissman

Barbara  Withee   

Last updated: 04/24/2014