Videos and CDs: How do I find them?

Videos and CDs: How do I find them?

Here are steps to find them in the Libraries' Search It.

  1. From our home page, click on the Search It Advanced link.
  2. In the first search box, type in a keyword or two
    * if you are looking for a specific title, type in words that are in the title and change Any to "in the title"
  3. Beside Material Type: change All items to "Audio Visual"
  4. Click on the Search button
  5. If you need to narrow further, do this under Refine My Results

In Hale Library, many of our videos and CDs are located in our media collection on the 4th floor. If you are looking for popular movies, try browsing there in the call number PN1997 and PN1997.2 range. Or, try typing "feature films" in the search box, changing contains to "is (exact)," and changing Material Type to "Audio Visual."

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Last updated: 12/30/2015