RefWorks: I'm graduating from K-State. Can I keep my account?

All K-State Alumni are eligible for free use of RefWorks, a reference management tool that many students and faculty use while writing research papers. RefWorks established an Alumni Program that guarantees continued free service to all graduates of academic institutions that maintain their group subscription.

image of RefWorks update profile pageBefore you graduate log into your RefWorks account through our home page. If you cannot remember your Login Name, Password, or Group Code, click “Forgot your Login Information." Once logged in, you'll see a link to Update Profile at the top of the page. Modify your email, change your status to “Alumni”, and if you wish, continue using the same login name and password. Clicking on image at right will open a larger image in a new tab.

After you graduate login directly from RefWorks (don't try accessing RefWorks from K-State Libraries' home page since that requires an eID and password). If you never took advantage of RefWorks before graduation, you can "Sign up for a New Account" through RefWorks. You will continue to access the files you attached to your account. K-State’s Get It button may still appear, but you will not be able to access the databases and journals we subscribe to unless you are faculty, staff, or a currently enrolled student at K-State.

How do I find our Group Code and why do I need it?
From RefWorks click on “Forgot your Login Information" and they will mail the Group Code to you. If you are no longer affiliated with K-State, you can request it from the RefWorks Administrator at Ask a Librarian. You'll need this code to access RefWorks. They'll see your access is paid for by K-State.

For more background on how to use RefWorks to organize your references and insert them into in-text citations and bibliographies, see K-State Libraries’ Citations and Bibliographies guide as well as the RefWorks tutorial.

Last updated: 08/11/2016