Reference Books: Where are they?

Reference books may only be used in the library and not checked out. Books are put in Reference so they will be readily available or because they contain facts that can be briefly checked, photocopied or scanned. Some reference books are available as e-books,  including many dictionaries, encyclopedias, & almanacs. Other reference books, available in paper format, display in Search It with Reference in the location.

We have a databases, Gale Virtual Reference Library, which is a great alternatives to Wikipedia. It's good for finding background information, definitions, facts, and lists of resources on a wide variety of subjects.

Need more? Try Search It, our discovery tool. Change the search scope field to "K-State Libraries only." Type your topic in the search box. When the results display, refine your results by choosing one of the reference entries under "Location".

Last updated: 12/30/2015