Printing: How do I print in the library?

Hale Library

Printing at Hale Library is similar to how you would print at home – but with a few more steps.

  * Bring your K-State ID Card and know your eID and password – you'll need them to print.
  * Community members, see Library Help, 2nd floor Hale Library for printing assistance.
  * If the article is in pdf format, click on the printer icon within Adobe Acrobat.
  * If the article is not in pdf, look for a link that will reformat the article for printing
     select it if it is available, and then click on File and then Print.
  * If printing in b&w, click OK on the dialog box that appears for UCL & Hale - Black & White
  * If you would like to print in color, then you need to change a couple of settings.
  * Name the print job
  * Go to one of the InfoCommons print stations and login with your eID and password
  * Swipe your K-State ID
  * Scroll through the list of print jobs and highlight your job & click the Print icon

Weigel Architecture Library

The directions for printing at Weigle are the same as Hale except when you select the printer: UCL Hale Black and White, it will print in Weigel, not in Hale Library.

Fiedler Engineering, K-State at Salina, Math/Physics, and the Veterinary Medical libraries

To learn how to print in any of these libraries, contact the individual library directly.

Other Information

Printing costs

black and white copies
 * 8 1/2"x11" copies are 10¢ per page for single-sided print jobs and 9¢ per side for duplex
 * 11"x17" copies are 20¢ per side

color copies
 * 8 1/2"x11" copies are 35¢ per side
 * 11"x17" copies are 70¢ per side

For instructions on how to print an 11'x17" sheet, see Printing: Can I print 11" x 17" in the library?

For information on software, setting up wireless printing on your laptop, and how to add more funds to your card, see The Library Equipment LibGuide Computers & Printers.

The library printers/computers are set to print double-sided. To change this setting, see Information Technology Services Duplex and single-sided printing.

If you have any problems with printing, you can get help at the IT Help Desk or read more about their printing instructions.

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Last updated: 08/22/2014