Printing cost: How much does it cost to print in the library?


  • cost -10¢ for single side, 9¢ per side for duplex (double-sided) & 75¢ for color prints
  • students, faculty & staff are allocated $10.00 each semester & $5.00 during the summer for free printing
    • it is added automatically to your K-State ID card, so don't forget to bring it
  • can print single-sided or double-sided (duplex)
  • printers are located in all our libraries, except the Math / Physics Library
  • Hale Library has 4 black and white & 1 color laser printer
  • community members - printing available from Library Help, 2nd floor Hale Library
  • add funds to your K-State ID card online or at the ID Center
  • wireless printing - print jobs may be sent to printers in Hale Library and the Weigel Architecture Library if the computers are connected to the KSU Wireless network and have the Pharos client installed.

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Last updated: 08/19/2013