Printing: Can I print 11" x 17" in the library?

Printing: Can I print 11" x 17" in the library?

Hale Library

Both 11" x 17" black and white and color printing is available in Hale Library. Select Campus Color Printing in the print dialog box, then print. A Pharos box will pop up. Name the print job your eID then release the job from one of the two color print stations - 2nd floor east end and the Media Development Center in Hale, Room 213. Printing cost for 11"x17" color copies is 70¢

To print an 11"x17" black and white copy, format the print job in black and white / grayscale before printing. It will be the price of a black and white print job if the original copy does not have any color. Printing cost for 11"x17" black and white copies is 20¢.

Weigel Architecture Library

11" x 17" black and white printing is available at Weigel Library. You will need to select this option within the printing properties menu. Please see posted printing instructions in the computer area or ask a Weigel Library staff member for assistance.

Math/Physics and Veterinary Medical libraries

11" x 17" printing is not available in these libraries. We we recommend visiting the Media Development Center in Hale, Room 213.

K-State Salina

To learn about the possibility of printing 11" x 17" at the K-State Salina Library, please contact a K-State Salina librarian.

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Last updated: 05/13/2015