Photography and Filming in Hale Library: What are the guidelines?

In order to preserve the privacy of people researching in the library, we ask that individuals or organizations wishing to take photographs in Hale Library contact our Director of Administrative & IT Services. The Director should be informed of the purpose/use of the photos and the primary areas in the Library where the pictures will be taken. The Director will notify the staff in those areas.

In most cases, a member of the library staff will accompany anyone filming or taking photographs in order to minimize the disruption to patrons, as well as assure their privacy.

Library personnel or patrons should not be used in photographs or films without the expressed consent of the individual. If patrons request not to be included in any photo or video, we ask that their wishes be respected as a matter of courtesy.

To maintain privacy, photographs or videos of patrons using the computer or reading should be done at a distance to ensure that the items being read or viewed are not disclosed.

Last updated: 06/21/2013