Minitab: Do you have it?

Hale Library

Minitab, statistical software, is accessible from the PC computers in Hale Library's InfoCommons and other K-State computer labs.

  • From the Windows 7 operating system, go to Start/All Programs/Minitab
  • If you need assistance with this program, watch the product tutorials below, or see the folks at the IT Help Desk.

Other Campus Libraries and K-State Salina

Most of the other campus libraries and K-State Salina Library do not have Minitab available from their public computers. If you want to see if it is available in these libraries: Fiedler Engineering Library, K-State Salina Library, Math/Physics Library, Weigel Architecture Library, and the Veterinary Medical Library, please contact the individual library directly.

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Last updated: 06/20/2013