Interlibrary Loan: Why does it close for a week in December?

Every year, Interlibrary Loan closes for a week around the holidays. You can expect the office to be closed roughly between Christmas (December 25th) and New Year's (January 1st). Interlibrary Loan will  post the closed dates on ILLiad, so when you place a request, you can easily see the dates.

Interlibrary Loan closes for a week because the majority of libraries we borrow material from closes too. This means that even if our office stayed open, there's no one on the other end to receive our request and send us materials.

You can still submit Interlibrary Loan requests and they'll be processed when the office reopens in early January.

Document delivery requests will take a little longer to process when the office opens due to the backlog. If you have a pressing need for a quick turnaround, be sure to indicate this when you place your request.

You may still pick up and return your Interlibrary Loan materials at Library Help on Hale Library's 2nd floor, if that is where you usually pick up your material.

Last updated: 07/31/2013