Interlibrary Loan: How long does it take to get Interlibrary Loan materials? Does it cost?

How long does it take?

Typically, there is a 2-5 day waiting period for electronic items like journal articles or book chapters. Physical materials can take between 3-10 days for us to receive the item on campus. Distance users should expect 6-17 days for the UPS delivery of the requested item.

You should allow plenty of time when making requests. It pays to plan ahead if you need an item by a specific date. Waiting until the last minute to complete research for a project will lower your chances of our interlibrary services being able to meet your deadlines.

Does it cost?

There is rarely a fee for items you receive from Interlibrary Services. If there is a fee or a charge for a special item, you will be notified and asked if you wish to pay the charge.

We do not charge for scanning articles or for shipping materials to distance students and instructors, but you are responsible for the cost of shipping materials back to the library. We will ship physical materials like books and musical scores for remote patrons by UPS to addresses in the United States.

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Last updated: 01/22/2014