Equipment: Scanners, where are they, how much do they cost and how do I use them?

K-State Libraries has two types of scanners. Unless indicated, the following instructions refer to our Walk-up KIC Bookeye Scanners.

Where are the scanners?

Hale Library has (5) book scanners (floorplan),

(1) on the 1st floor, (2) on the 2nd floor, (1) on the 4th floor and (1) on the 5th floor in the Richard L.D. & Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections

Veterinary Medical Library has (1), Paul Weigel Library of Architecture Planning and Design has (2), Math / Physics Library has (1), and Kansas State Polytechnic has (4) scanners.

How much do the scanners cost to use?

They are free, no charge, no cost!!

Brief instructions for the 10 Walk-up KIC Bookeye Scanners

Basic operation

1. Place item text-side up, center on scanner bed about 1cm above the bottom end of the bed
2. Optional: change the color selection to either gray, black & white, or color 
3. Optional: change the resolution to high or web-scale 
4. Select single-image or split-image 
5. Press the large SCAN button on the left
6. Continue scanning until all pages intended for one file OR a total of 10 pages
7. Select the large Save/Send button
8. To save, insert a USB in the USB slot, choose a format & select Save
9. To e-mail, choose format, select E-mail, enter e-mail address, select Send


Scanning Tips

Save or e-mail after every 10 scans, press Delete All Images button
Media Development Scanner, 213 Hale, has a faster scanner for scanning 8 ½ x 11” paper and can manipulate scanned images
Saving as a PDF file will include all images as a single document, other file types will save as separate documents
Use Change Settings option to adjust the Brightness, Sharpness, and Resolution of a scan
Select an image to preview and delete by clicking on it on the top filmstrip display
Grey scale is best for scanning books and articles for printing or reading
Select the Split Image button to scan large-sized books and articles in order to have each page as a single image, line up the page split with the center arrow on the scanning table
Glossy paper does not always scan well due to the glare
Experiment--the best settings for text are not necessarily the best for graphics

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Last updated: 10/16/2015