The majority of our current journals, magazines, and newspapers are online, however we have some current journals, magazines, and newspapers in print format.

Where are the print versions?

  • Hale Library - Alphabetically on shelves in the middle of the the 1st floor.    map
  • Kansas State Polytechnic - On shelves on the west wall of the library.
  • Math/Physics Library - In the periodicals reading room,  just south of the main room.
  • Paul Weigel Library of Architecture, Planning, and Design - on three periodicals racks in the main room.
  • Veterinary Medical Library - Shelved with bound back-issues on the ranges in the main room.

How do I get to the online versions?

We do have some newspapers available in the library and online. Use Search It to locate newspapers:

  1. From our middle of our home page, you'll see a link to Search It Advanced, click on this.
  2. To access our list of journals, magazines, and newspapers, click on A-Z
  3. Type in the title and click Search.
  4. Tabs will display. If it is available online, you'll see "View It." If it is available in a library, you'll see "Find it at the Library."

If you have any questions, please ask a librarian.