Articles: How do I get articles when I already know the titles I want?

Articles that K-State Libraries has access to can be discovered in our databases. Our catalog does not have information about article titles in journals, magazines, or newspapers, but it does have information about which journals, magazines, and newspapers we have access to.

If you know the title of the article, follow these steps:

  1. Begin at the K-State Libraries homepage.
  2. Click on the link titled Databases under the Research tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the letter G at the top of the screen or type Google in the Find a Database search box.
  4. Scroll to Google Scholar and click on it.
  5. If off campus, log in with your eID and password to connect to K-State Libraries resources.
  6. Search for the title of your article. If you are confident of the article title, try searching for the title of the article in quotations (Example "grey tree frogs") to further limit your search.
  7. If you see the title you searched for, try these:
  • Click on the title of the article and look for a Full Text link
  • Look for a [PDF] link on the right hand side that may provide full text access to the article.
  • Look for a Get It @ K-State link to discover if K-State Libraries has access to the article online or in print.

If you discover that we do not have the article, you can request it through our interlibrary loan service. You can even use our interlibrary loan service if we have the article in print. They can usually get articles to you in 2-3 days at no cost to you.

If you need assistance, Ask A Librarian.

Last updated: 08/22/2013