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Use Search It, our discovery tool, to locate books, articles, music, movies, ebooks and more. It searches our local collection and most, but not all, of our databases. It returns results that can be refined various ways including Peer-reviewed Journals, Full Text resources, Topic, and Creation Date. Access it from the search box in the middle of the K-State Libraries homepage.

Search It: What can it help me search for?
Search It Orientation Guide

Articles K-State Libraries has access to can be discovered in our databases

To locate articles in a database, first go to the K-State Libraries homepage, hover over the Research tab and choose databases at the top of the screen. The databases page includes several features that will help you to discover the right database for your area of study.

From the databases landing page, you'll see a database that we recommend as a great place to start - Proquest Research Library. We have databases that cover specific topics. If you're interested in one of these, use the academic subject areas listed in the right sidebar, which are organized according to K-State's colleges and departments.

The databases page features a search box at the top right of the screen which locates databases by title and also by keywords in the database summaries. Along the same top menu bar, there is an alphabetical listing which is useful if you know the title of the database for which you are looking. There is a link titled Tags, which is another method of organizing our databases that includes a variety of tags, such as newspapers, free, and dissertations.

Many databases have different interfaces, but most involve a basic and advanced search option, three search boxes, and advanced search limits. Use keywords that describe your topic to discover articles. Depending on the results of your search, try various search terms and keyword combinations. Remember to use the subject headings or descriptors provided with each article for advanced searching.

Is there a particular journal you're looking for? Try browsing our A-Z list or try Search It by limiting the "Material Type" to "Journals."  

If you have further questions, Ask a Librarian.

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