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Wireless access: How can I connect my laptop to the wireless (wifi) network?

Kansas State University at Manhattan

K-State students, faculty, and staff, go to, and click the appropriate link at the bottom of the page to run the automated configuration tool called XpressConnect.

All others, choose and connect to the KSU Guest Network from the list of available networks. This network has no security, does not require an eID/password and cannot connect to K-state enterprise systems such as K-State Online, WebMail, iSIS, HRIS, and FIS.

Need help connecting to wireless? Contact the IT Help Desk by visiting Hale 214, calling 785-532-7722 or e-mailing

Kansas State University at Salina

To learn about the availability of wireless (wifi) at the K-State at Salina Library, see Wireless Networking.

Collaboration stations: What are they? How can I use them?

Collaboration Workstations at Hale Library

Working on a class project, a presentation, or just need an extra large monitor? Try out one of our mobile collaboration workstations. There are many stations of various sizes scattered throughout Hale. Find one, wheel it wherever you want in the library, hook them up to a laptop, and start collaborating. If you need assistance or want to check out headphones, contact the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale Library, 785-532-7722.

Weigel Architecture Library

Look for the collaboration workstation if you’re at Paul Weigel Library of Architecture, Planning & Design and need a large monitor or a place for group work. Staff are available to assist with the workstation if needed.

Minitab: Do you have it?

Hale Library

Minitab, statistical software, is accessible from the PC computers in Hale Library's InfoCommons and other K-State computer labs.

  • From the Windows 7 operating system, go to Start/All Programs/Minitab
  • If you need assistance with this program, watch the product tutorials below, or see the folks at the IT Help Desk.

Other Campus Libraries and K-State Salina

Most of the other campus libraries and K-State Salina Library do not have Minitab available from their public computers. If you want to see if it is available in these libraries: Fiedler Engineering Library, K-State Salina Library, Math/Physics Library, Weigel Architecture Library, and the Veterinary Medical Library, please contact the individual library directly.

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Write N Cite and Word 2010: Are they compatible?

You can use the RefWorks program Write-N-Cite with Word 2010, but due to changes in Word 2010, there is a twist.

Microsoft offers a version of Word 2010 called Click-to-Run. Click-to-Run is "virtualized," so since it isn't installed on your computer, Write-N-Cite can't find it and you will get an error message when you do try to download it.  The full application must be installed on the local computer for Write-n-Cite III to recognize the installation of MS Word 2010.

Once you have the full application of Word 2010 installed on your computer, you will need to restart your computer, and then you can install Write-N-Cite.

If you do not want to locally install Word 2010, but still want to use RefWorks to format your citations and generate bibliographies, you can use the One Line/Cite View option as described here or as appears on page 11 of the RefWorks 2.0 Fundamentals User Workbook.

Movable Shelves: How do they work?

Movable book shelves, also called "compact shelving," can be found on floors 1, 3 and 4 of Hale Library and in the Kansas State University Salina Library.

Library patrons may look for books and other materials in these areas.

  - To move a shelf to the right, press the right hand arrow.
  - To move a shelf to the left, press the left hand arrow.
  - To move multiple shelves, simply push the right or left arrow next to the row that you want to open.
  - If no one is standing in the row you want to move, and it won't move, press the reset button and then the left or right arrow.

The compact shelving units can't crush you if you are standing in between two shelves and someone starts pushing buttons because there are sensors in place which prevent this from happening.

If the reset button doesn't work, text or visit Library Help and we will send someone to manually reset the shelves.

Equipment: Can I check out cameras, laptops, headphones, and other equipment?

Hale Library

Equipment is available for check out in Hale Library, at no charge, at the Information Technology Services Equipment Checkout, with a K-State ID Card.

  • K-State faculty, staff, and students may check out equipment at the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale. To reserve equipment call 785-532-4918, email, or stop by.
  • Equipment available for check out include laptops, digital and still cameras, projectors, projector screens, audio recording equipment, tripods, microphones, headphones, and webcams.
    • Laptops may be checked out for 4 hours by undergraduates, and for 3 days by faculty and graduate students.
    • Projectors, camcorders, cameras, and other equipment may be checked out for 3 days.

Laptops at Fiedler Engineering

  • Students enrolled in an engineering program and engineering faculty and staff may check out laptops for 4-hours during their service hours.
  • Laptops are renewable if you bring them back and check them out again.
  • These laptops only work on campus when connected to the K-State network.

K-State at Salina, Math/Physics, Weigel Architecture, Veterinary Medical Libraries

To learn about the availability of equipment at any of these libraries, please contact the individual library directly.

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Running heads in APA Style: How can I create them in MS Word 2010?

APA Style's rules about running heads

The best source for information about APA Style is APA itself.

  • Their APA Style blog includes a post discussing running heads, which says: The running head (along with the page numbers) appears in the header of every page (the header by nature is situated within the top margin of your paper; all the margins themselves should be set to 1 inch). Type it in all capital letters, make sure it is no longer than 50 characters (including spaces), and left justify it. Then add your page numbers, right justified.
  • On the first page only, the running head is also preceded by the words Running head and a colon. On all other pages, just the running head itself and the page number appear, without the words Running head:
  • APA also has an example showing how the running head should appear on the title page and subsequent pages:
  • Instructions for creating running heads in MS Word 2010: Video (78 seconds, no sound) showing the process:

Step by step instructions:

  1. Begin after you have typed at least the title page and the first few pages of your paper.
  2. Click the insert tab
  3. Click the header button
  4. Check the "different first page" box
  5. Click inside the first page's header
  6. Click the page number button
  7. Hover over the "top of page" entry and click the "plain number 3" option
  8. Type Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER
  9. Click the "insert alignment tab" button
  10. Make the following selections in the dialog box that appears: right, margin, and no leader.
  11. Click OK
  12. Scroll down to the header section of the next page and click inside that page's header
  13. repeat steps 6-11, except in step 8 only type TITLE OF YOUR PAPER


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