Donating to the Consumer Movement Archives

Prospective donors should contact Jane Schillie to discuss donations for the Consumer Movement Archives (CMA). Once the donor and K-State Libraries reach a mutual understanding regarding acquisition matters (access, copyright, etc.), the donor will be required to sign a deed of gift to transfer the property to Kansas State University. 

Benefits to Donors

Donations are organized as unique collections. Descriptive inventories are prepared for K-State Libraries' and national databases to promote the availability of collections. Collections are open to scholars and researchers worldwide. Donors have the satisfaction of knowing that their papers and records will be preserved and held available for scholarly research in perpetuity in a national repository dedicated to preserving the consumer movement.

Financial contributions from individuals and organizations to support the CMA are also welcome.

Past Donors

Among the donors to the CMA are:

  • The American Council on Consumer Interests

  • Arizona Consumer Council

  • Thomas Brooks (Colston Warne, biographer)

  • George Brunn

  • Economics National Consumer Law Center

  • Education Resources Network

  • Roy Kiesling

  • Stewart Lee

  • Florence Mason

  • Louis Meyer

  • Richard L. D. Morse

  • Motor Voters

  • Helen Nelson

  • Research Group

  • Lee Richardson

  • Currin Shields

  • USDA Family Resource Management and Family

  • Dorothy Wilner

Last updated: 08/28/2015