A sampling of the cultural artifacts K-State Libraries creates and cultivates that highlight the uniqueness of our collections and organization.


Kansas Aerial Photography Initiative (KAPI)

K-State Libraries began work on the Kansas Aerial Photography Initiative (KAPI) in 2005. This ambitious project involves conservation, cataloging and storing nearly 70,000 historic black and white aerial photographs of Kansas. Most of the high-quality photographs date between 1950 and 1970 with some as old as 1939. These unique and irreplaceable photographs provide a pictorial record of the cultural and physical features of a large portion of the state. Landowners, historians, archeologists, city planners, environmental consultants, land and water managers, students and faculty have all requested images from the collection.

 Southside Retrace

Southside Retrace: Strategies to Retain, Redefine, and Reconnect Public Housing in South Omaha

Four K-State student architectural groups came up with different proposals to reconstruct The Omaha Housing Authority’s (OHA) southside retrace, which is currently in unlivable conditions. Each of these proposals presents a different approach to redevelopment, based upon geographic areas of redevelopment, topographic manipulation, phasing strategies, and time horizon. The goal of these proposals is to potentially work with local property owners and institutions to give the existing residence a better living situation.

Frances (Osborne) Dennis Denison

K-State First Ladies

The gallery highlights the lives of the first ladies. Although they had unique qualities and backgrounds, each first lady possesses many of the same admirable characteristics: they represented the university with dignity and were leaders in many campus and community organizations.

One Second Video image

One Second Video

Librarians at Kansas State University captured one second in the life of ‪‎K-State‬ Libraries every day from August 2014-May 2015. Here you will see the culture, diversity, and uniqueness that our campus brings.

K-State Keepsakes

K-State Keepsakes

K-State Keepsakes features a series of posts that appeared on K-State Libraries’ “Talking in the Library” blog between 2006 and 2013. The posts describe events and relate stories touching on various aspects of university history and feature documents and images held in university archives collections.