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Collection Development Guidelines

This policy is intended to be a general guideline for the active acquisition of rare books in the Special Collections Department of Hale Library which serves the faculty and students of Kansas State University and the world of academe. Acquisition as defined herein constitutes purchasing materials through the allocated library funds, grant monies, and endowment funds for Rare Books of Special Collections, the transferring of materials, and the acceptance of gifts to Rare Books.

In most cases, Rare Books will only seek items which fall into one of the collected subject/interest areas outlined below. Exceptions to this policy can and will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Rare Books Librarian and/or the Chair of Special Collections; the Chair of Collection Management and the Dean of Libraries may also be involved in the acquisition process. Materials which are unsuitable to the collecting interests of Rare Books, those which are in a poor state of preservation, or those which may require conditions unacceptable to the administration of Kansas State University Libraries may be rejected regardless of the guidelines set forth in this policy.

This policy serves as an aid to enhance the integrity of existing collections as well as a guide to the identification, acquisition, and building of new collections. Successful future development of Rare Books depends upon vigilant and continuing effort. All library employees, university faculty, students, and others are encouraged to make recommendations to the Rare Books Librarian of materials which they consider appropriate for donation or for transfer from the circulating collection in Hale Library.

Every attempt has been made to accurately reflect the collecting interests of Rare Books. This policy is reviewed and/or revised on an annual basis. Changes may be made to this policy at any time to accommodate the acquisition of materials not included in the collection overview.

Questions or comments regarding this policy should be directed to the Rare Books Librarian:

Roger Adams
Rare Books Librarian/Assistant Professor
Special Collections, Hale Library
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66502