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Manuscript Cookbooks: Elisabeth Harbatch's boock - Table of Contents

unnumbered leaves

[1]   To Make a good brown Gravy / To Pickle Mushromes
3     To Pickle Cucumbers / To Preserve Cherries Currants or Damsons for Tarts all the year round
5     To Pickle Barberries / To Pot Beef
7     To Pot a Rabbet or Hare / [final note about Turkey or Pullot]
9     To Collar Beef
11    To Collar a Fatt Pigg
13    To Collar Eeles / To Collar a Breast of Veale
15    How to Pot Pidgeons / [final note about woodrooks, larks, snipes, Fieldfares,  Blackbirds or any small birds]
17    To make an Almond Pudding
19    To make a Bisket Pudding
21    To Make a Dish of New Colledge Puddings
23    To make a Pudding for a Hare
25    To make good Fish Sauce
27    To Make an Orange Pudding / To Make Lemon Pudding
29    To make a Rice Pudding
31    To Pickle Kidney Beanes / To make the Filling for Mince-pies
33    To make a Dish of Scotch Collops
35    To make Green Force Meat / To make white Forcemeat
37    To make a brown Fricassee of Rabbets
39    To pickle Samphire / To make a Calves head Harsh
41    To Fricassee Chickens Pidgeons Veale or Lamb / Rabbets / To Harsh Mutton or Beef
43    To make Custards / To make Cheescakes [sic]
45    To Pickle Wallnutts / To Pickle Purslain Stalks
47    To make Sauceages / To order a Ham or Tongue
49    To Make Sauce which is proper for wild ducks wiggeon or any other wild Fowle
51    To make Venison Sauce / To Keep Kidney Beans all the year Round to Boyle for Rosted Mutton or Beef
53    To make Pigg Sauce / To Rost your Pigg
55    To Stew a Line of Mutton / To make Wostershire Cakes
57    To Make a Dish of Brown Soop / To Make Biskets
59    To Make a Plum Cake