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Manuscript Cookbooks: Mary Halliday's / June 6th 1766 - Table of Contents

The handwriting in this recipe book does not match either of the two hands in the book identified to Mary Halliday dated 1762.

32 unnumbered leaves

[1]     A Recipe for the Cure of Scrophulous or Cancerous Tumors 1 
[2]     A purge
[3]     Bitters / Beef a la mode / To make a Triffle / Truffles & Morels good in Sauce & Soups
[4]     To make forcemeat Balls / The float'g Island a pretty Dish for the middle of a table
[5]     To make a fine Syllabub from the Cow / To make Fish Sauce to keep the whole year
[6]     To pot Cheesecake [stricken through] Cheshire Cheese / To make Ratafia Cream
[7]     To pickle mushroom white / To make fairy Butter / Moonshine
[8]     [moonshine continued]
[9]     To hash a lambs Head / To mango Cucumbers
[10]    To pickle small Onions / To collar Cow-heels / To jug a Hare
[11]    To make whipt Syllabub
[12]    To make Sausages / To frigasey Chicken, Rabbits, lamb, veal, &c
[13]    To make right India pickles
[14]    The famous American Receipt for the Rheumatism 2
[15]    Figg liq'r for a Cough / An approved remedy for a Cough / To make Walnut Catchup
[16]    To make Lip Salve
[17-24] [blank]
[25]    To make Syrup of Capilaire
[26]    To make Raisin Wine from Mrs John Wansey
[27]    To make Mead / To make Ginger bread / Dutch Bread
[28]    To clear Cyder / To butter Eggs
[29]    To stew Oysters / An excellent Comfort for the Stomack / A Rect for an Ague
[30]    To make Orange Wine / To make sage wine
[31]    To make Damson Wine / To make Cowslip Wine
[32]    To make Clary Wine from Mrs Smith Corsley
  1. This recipe is identified thus: "The above was given Mrs. Hurlock by Mrs. Cooke who had it from Mrs. St. John, who copy'd it from a paper given her by the Lady of the Revd Mr. Cumberland Minister of Fulham in 1750 wherein She adds that two very great Cures have been affected in our Neighbourhood by by [sic] this Rect. In the first the Pain in the Breast ceased in less than 24 hours, the blackness wore off gradually the Swelling abated, & the Person perfectly cured when she had drank 7 Quarts of the aforesd liq'r, without usg [sic] the Ointment. In the other Person the pain ceased as in the former, but the breast broke & vast quantity of laudable matter was discharged for several days together whh [sic] at last stop'd & heal'd without any other applicat'n than the aforesd Ointment, & the Person continued well, it being above a year since she made use of this Remedy. / Jos Hurlock / Hoke Newington"
  2. This recipe is identified as being "from the London Chronicle of June 2d 1766"