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Manuscript Cookbooks: Mary Halliday's Receipt Book, 1762 - Table of Contents

The first recipes in this book were not made on the first blank leaf. Recipes in a second hand were added later, though still clearly in the mid-eighteenth century; these recipes are noted below as H2 (for "hand two").

40 unnumbered leaves
[1]     To Make Queen Cakes / To Make Green Pease Soop / For Veal Cutlets / 
        For a Boil'd Custard / To Frigece Chickens [all H2]
[2]     To Jugg a Hare / To Pott a Hare / To Pickle Barberies / To Make a Cake / A Pudding [all H2]
[3]     To Make a Calves Head Harsh / To Make Gravy [H2] / [to remove grease from silk] [H2]
[4]     To Fricasey Chicken or Sweet breads / A Leamon or Orange Pudding [all H2]
[5]     To Make a white frycace of Chicken / To Make a Seagoe Pudding [H2]
[6]     To Pott a Hare or Beef / To Coller Beaf / To Make Orange Wine / To Make Maligo Wine [all H2]
[7]     To Pot Beef / To Dry Beaf [H2] / To meak [sic] a Whipp Sillobub [H2] / 
        To Make Marmolade of Quinces [H2]
[8]     To Make a Leamon Pudding / To Frigacea A Rabbit / To Make Socth [sic] Calops / 
        Westphalie Ham / To keep Grapes Green all the year [all H2]
[9]     To Make a Sawce for Boyled Rabbet or Chicken / Bread Sawce for Partridge Turkey or Rabbetts / 
        Another Sawce for Chicken Boyled / To Make fish Sawce
[10]    To make Ginger Bread / To Pott mushrooms / To Pickle Wallnuts [all H2]
[11]    To Make Little Queen Cakes / To Make Rasbury Cakes / How to do Rasburys in Jelly
[12]    To Coller a Eall / To Coller Pigg / To Pickle musrums [sic] [all H2]
[13]    To Make a orange pudding / To Make White Puddings / To Make Rasbury Wine
[14]    [gooseberry confection] / To make Damson wine / apricock wine / 
        To make Jelly of Currants / To Make a Whipp Sillabub [all H2]
[15]    To Make Cherrey Wine / To Make Red Currant Wine
[16]    A Rice Pudding / a orange Pudding / For a Leamon Pudding / 
        Creping Pancake / To make Shrubb [all H2]
[17]    To Make Cowslips Wine / To Make Cowslip Wine
[18]    To Make Jellys of Red & white Currants / To Dry Cherrys / A Rice Pudding / 
        For 2 Hams / To Make Punch [all H2]
[19]    To Make Elder wine / To Make orange water / To make a Pudding [H2]
[20]    To Make a Caret Pudding / To Make a Quaking Pudding of all Sorts and Crulers / 
        Pidgon poted / To make Queen Cakes [all H2]
[21]    To make Leamon water / To Make White mead / To make Catchup [H2]
[22]    To Make queens Cake / To make Shrowbury Cakes / To make a Pudding for a Hare / 
        This is the most Excellent Remedy for Consumptive People [all H2]
[23]    To Make White Mead / To Make a Millet Pudding [H2] / For a Neats Tonge [H2] / 
        To make nice Cake [H2] / For a Ham [H2]
[24]    To make Shrub / To Picle Cowslips / To Manggo Cucmbers [sic] [all H2]
[25]    To Pickle Oysters / To Pickle Turnips / To Make Cheese Cakes [all H2]
[26-39] [blank]
[40]    To Make black Salve / For the Piles [H2] / A Excelent water for the Eyes [H2] / 
        For Freckls [H2] / For a Sore Mouth [H2] / For a Sore Mouth [H2] / 
        [to remove grease from silk] [H2]