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Women in Communications, inc.

Historical Note

Women in Communications, inc., an honorary professional fraternity dedicated to empowering women in the communications professions, was founded in 1909 as Theta Sigma Phi at the University of Washington in Seattle. A local student chapter at Kansas State Agricultural College was petitioned by the Women's Press Club and accepted on June 8, 1916. It's original membership number 6 actives and 6 pledges.

Theta Sigma Phi was created with dedication to the following objectives:

  • To unite women engaging in or planning to engage in journalism;
  • To confer honor upon women who distinguish themselves in journalism or letter;
  • To achieve definite standards in journalism and letters;
  • To improve working conditions for women in these fields;
  • To inspire members to greater individual effort

Some of the early Theta Sigs include: Velma Carson, Clementine Paddleford, Elizabeth Dickens Shafer, Josephine Hemphill, Velma Lockridge McKee, Alice C. Nichols, Sue Carmody Jones, and Eula Mae Currie Kelly.

In 1972, the national organization officially changed it's name from Theta Sigma Phi to Women in Communications, inc. (WICI). At the same time, it reformulated the original objectives to be more in tune with modern times.

WICI's mission is Leading Change, the membership coming together to make a difference in the world and the communications profession. The objectives of the organization are:

  • To unite members for the purpose of promoting the advancement of women in all fields of communications;
  • To work for the First Amendment rights and responsibilities of communicators;
  • To recognize distinguished professional achievements;
  • To promote high professional standards throughout the communications industry.

Container List

Box  Folder	

01	01	Correspondence, 1985-1992
	02	Correspondence, 1993-1994
	03	WICI By-Laws
	04	Theta Sigma Phi By-Laws
	05	Annual and Officer Reports, 1988-1993
	06	Meeting Agendas and Sign-Up Sheets, 1992-1993
	07	Financial Information, 1987-1991
	08	Financial Information, 1992-1994
	09	Membership Lists, 1989-1991
	10	Membership Lists, 1992-1993
	11	WICI Posters and Flyers, 1989-1993
	12	UAB Handbook, 1988-1993
		Printed Material
	13		Newsletters, 1990-1994
	14		Pamphlets
	15		Conferences, 1992
	16		138 Program Ideas You Can Use
	17		How to Work With Speakers