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Lawrence Victor Clem

Lawrence Victor Clem, 1930

Lawrence Victor Clem was born on 15 Feb 1905 in Kansas, the son of Charles E. and Kittie A. Clem. He and his siblings, Joseph, Zella Irene, and Helen, were raised in Neosho county, Kansas. He graduated from Chanute High School in 1923.

On 11 Sep 1923, he entered K-State, initially studying Electrical Engineering, but changing to General Science in 1928. He listed Chanute, Kansas as his permanent address. He attended for a year, then skipped two years before returning in 1927.

He lived at 412 S 10th during his first year, returning to that address when he resumed his education in 1927. For the remainder of his college years he lived at the Phi Beta Sigma Chapter House, 1020 Colorado.

He graduated on 29 May 1930 with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science.

The 1930 census lists him as working as a laborer while living in his parents household. Little is known about his life from this point onward. The only information found so far is that he was married to Marguerite or Marguerita and living in Los Angeles in 1952 and 1954.

Lawrence Clem died on 27 Jan 1971 in Los Angeles, California. Marguerit D. Clem died on 13 Nov 2001 in Los Angeles, California

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