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First Ladies of K-State

First Ladies of K-State: 1863-2009


Since Kansas State College for Agriculture and Applied Science was founded in 1863 there have been 12 presidents and first ladies!

This exhibit highlights the lives of the first ladies. Although they had unique qualities and backgrounds, each first lady possessed many of the same admirable characteristics. They represented the university with dignity while supporting their husband in his role as president. They were leaders in many campus and community organizations, and they entertained K-State faculty, administrators, and students, as well as visiting dignitaries, in their home.

We trust that you will enjoy looking into the lives of these outstanding women. They are an impressive group of individuals who K-Staters can admire and appreciate for the valuable role they played in the history of the university.

On June 15, 2009, Kirk Schulz and his wife Noel Nunnally Schulz became the 13th president and first lady of K-State!

Frances Denison
Ann Anderson
Charlotte Fairchild
Marie Will
Marguerite Nichols
Margaret Waters
Effie Jardine
Mildred Farrell
Helen Eisenhower
Janet McCain
Shirley Acker
Ruth Ann Wefald