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Mackenzie Linnaeana

Engraving of Linnaeus The Mackenzie Linnaeana encompasses over 1300 works by and about Carl von Linné [Carolus Linnaeus], the great 18th century botanist and naturalist.

Mackenzie bookplate Kenneth K. Mackenzie was a successful corporation lawyer in New York City and an avid amateur botanist, being elected to membership in the Linnaean Society in 1927. A recognized authority on the North American Carex, he authored a long series of publications on the flora of North America.

During his lifetime Mackenzie gathered thousands of books on botany and horticulture. This extensive library was bequeathed to the Horticultural Society of New York upon his death in 1934. From these books was formed the splendid collection of Linnaeana bearing Mackenzie's name, which subsequently came to Kansas State University in 1966.

The Mackenzie Linnaeana, in addition to containing all the important editions of Linnaeus's writings, is particularly rich in the nearly 200 theses written by Linnaeus for his students at the University of Uppsala. The copy of Linnaeus's own doctoral dissertation bears notations in his hand.

This collection provides researchers and students of the history of science with a wide range of sources embracing not only botany but also the fields of zoology, entomology, geology, and mineralogy. A chronological bibliography of the collection is available.

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