What is GET IT?

GET IT is a service that looks in many places for full text of an article citation you want. You find the citation by searching just one database. If your first search finds full text, great. If not, click the GET IT button. GET IT checks the Libraries' resources for you, and saves you from entering your search over and over.

How can I use GET IT?

Just begin your search in one of the databases branded with
This database can use GET IT to find full text for you

The GET IT button will appear beside an article's citation, usually only when you need it. Just click GO in the GET IT @ K-State pop-up window, and follow the trail to your article. When the Libraries' sources have no full text (hey, it happens), GET IT will help you with the library catalog or a request to GET IT from another library.

Why do some databases not show This database can use GET IT to find full text for you?

Some databases, like JSTOR, contain all full text material. If you search JSTOR and find a relevant article, it will always be full text. You don't need GET IT to help you GO to another database to get this article. GET IT will still help you GO to these full text databases from your search in a GET IT-powered database. Some databases have technical problems with GET IT that might be resolved in the future.

I need help using GET IT. Whom do I talk to?

Ask a Librarian, or grab the first official-looking person you see wandering through the library.