Data Services

K-State Libraries' Data Services aims to support the campus research community by offering assistance in

  • finding, understanding, and managing data and statistics 
  • developing and evaluating data and management plans
  • connecting researchers to data storage in our institutional repository

Appointments & Instruction

We offer a variety of services to support the campus research community, including online assistance, face-to-face consulation, and classroom instruction. For assistance with your research endeavors contact the Data Services Librarian to ask a question or schedule an appointment. 

We also provide classroom instruction on finding, using, and understanding data. Instruction can be tailored and personalized to suit your classes' needs. Examples of classroom instruction include:

Data Literacy

Where to look for data, how to evaluate data and combine data, and what to consider when choosing a data source.

Data Management

How to organize, archive and preserve, and share your data.

Census Data

How to find data within the census, including information about choosing the right variable(s) and census details such as geographic types and changing boundaries. Emphasis on learning why this information is important to students' research.


Data Services has compiled a list of resources to help you succeed in your research endeavors.

Data Management 

Organizing and safeguarding your data can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary in order to preserve your work for future publication and recovery, if necessary. We’ve compiled a guide with all the details of data management.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a way to present data in a graphical or illustrative format to allow for greater comprehension of the concepts you're trying to demonstrate.  Visualizations can be simple pie charts and timelines, or they can be complex, multivariate, and interactive.

Numeric Data

Often it is necessary to include numeric data in your research, and we've compiled the Numeric Data Guide to help you locate different types of data on a variety of topics.

Geospatial (GIS) Data

To use GIS (geographic information systems) successfully, we've compiled a guide with mapable data sets and GIS tutorials.

U.S. Census

K-State Libraries is proud to be a State Data Network Coordinating Agency. The State Data Center (SDC) Program is a cooperative program between the state and the Census Bureau that makes data available to the public through a network of agencies. Types of questions routinely asked are:
  • What was the racial composition of Manhattan from 1870 - 2010?
  • What is the median household income by census tract for the city of Denver?
  • Has there been any change in the percent of male librarians in the US from 1950 until today?
Last updated: 12/16/2014