Consumer Movement Archives

The Consumer Movement Archives (CMA) was established by K-State Libraries in 1987 through the initiative of Richard L.D. Morse, a prominent leader in the consumer movement for over fifty years.

The CMA preserves and documents the history of the consumer movement in the United States by providing a repository for the papers and records of consumer leaders, activists and organizations, and by promoting the scholarly use of the material. 


The CMA holdings are national in scope. Included are collections from individuals associated with various consumer-related issues as well as records for state and national consumer organizations. Several collections also document consumer activities at the international level. Examples of archival material include correspondence, minutes, reports, policies, administrative and committee files, legal and financial documents, photographs, and electronic records.

Some key issues of interest within the collection include:

Consumer history

Finance (e.g. truth in lending and savings)




Depend consumers (disabled, etc.)


Representation in government

Organizations at all levels

Health and safety


Last updated: 03/31/2014