Consumer Movement Archives Research Award

The Consumer Movement Archives (CMA) is a research collection located in the Kansas State University Libraries Morse Department of Special Collections.  The CMA was established in 1987 through the initiative of Richard L. D. Morse, a prominent leader in the consumer movement for over fifty years.  The archives provide a repository to preserve collections of consumer leaders, activists and organizations, and promote scholarly research.

One goal of the CMA is to award scholarships and grants to support scholarly research.  A financial award of $3000 has been created to enable a faculty member, graduate student or independent researcher to travel to Manhattan, Kansas to conduct scholarly research using CMA materials.  Generously funded by a Morse family endowment, the CMA Research Award is granted on an annual basis.

The expected outcome of the CMA Research Award is for the recipient to complete a publication, thesis, dissertation, or other scholarly product. While it is anticipated that the recipient will use sources from other archives and libraries, he or she is required to use the CMA materials onsite.

Research Trip

The research trip(s) to the CMA must be completed within one year of receiving the award (Manhattan is easily accessible via American Airlines from Chicago or Dallas/Ft. Worth).  While the award is not intended to support a professional conference presentation or prepare content for an academic course, those may be byproducts of the applicant’s project.  Undergraduate students and researchers living within close proximity of Manhattan are not eligible.   

After finishing the research project, the recipient will provide the CMA with:

  1. a final report of approximately 1,000 words describing the outcome of the project and how the CMA was utilized
  2. permission for the CMA to quote from and/or publish the final report
  3. a copy of the completed product (e.g. book, article, thesis or dissertation, video)

Application Process

Applicants should review the descriptions of the CMA collections and are strongly encouraged to contact Anthony Crawford, Curator of Manuscripts, about their research project and the CMA holdings prior to submitting an application.  

Applicants are required to submit:

  1. a letter of application including a brief summary of the proposed research topic and tentative travel dates
  2. a research proposal (not to exceed 1,000 words) including the intended outcome and the relationship of the CMA collections to the research project
  3. current resume or curriculum vitae
  4. graduate students only – a letter of recommendation from the major professor guiding the thesis, dissertation, or research project

Please send applications and letters of recommendation to:

Lori Goetsch, Dean of Libraries
K-State Libraries
1100 Mid-Campus Drive
Manhattan KS 66506

Applications must be received or postmarked by January 31, 2014. The recipient will be notified by February 28, 2014 and receive the $3000 upon acceptance of the award.

Last updated: 03/31/2014