Consumer Movement Archives

The Consumer Movement Archives (CMA) was established in 1987 through the initiative of Richard L.D. Morse, a prominent leader in the consumer movement and Kansas State University professor. Broadly defined, the consumer movement consists of individuals and organizations that advocate for the rights and welfare of consumers, especially when those rights are violated by corporations and governments.

The CMA preserves and documents the history of the consumer movement in the United States. It provides a repository for the papers and records of consumer leaders, activists, and organizations, and it promotes scholarly use of the material.

The CMA holdings include collections from individuals who worked to protect the rights and safety of consumers. State and national consumer organization records from groups like the Arizona Consumers Council, National Consumer Law Center, the American Council on Consumer Interest, and the Consumer Federation of America are also preserved. In addition, several collections document consumer activities at the international level.

Key issues of interest within the collection include consumer history, protection, rights, health and safety, finance (e.g. truth in lending and savings), products, representation in government, law, and cooperatives. Types of materials include correspondence, minutes, reports, policies, legal and financial documents, photographs, and electronic records.

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Consumer Advocates

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Consumer Advocacy Organizations

American Council on Consumer Interests records, 1953-1983

Americans for Fairness in Lending records, 2000-2010

Arizona Consumers Council records, 1963-1983

Consumer Education Resource Network (CERN) records

Consumer Federation of America records, 1967-2017

KSU Student Governing Association Board records, 1959-1990

Motor Voters records

National Consumer Law Center records, 1969-2015

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